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Dhankar Dhankar is another curious town however at a much higher height that Tabo (90 minutes from Tabo), which has another to a great degree old mon
Dhankar Monastery in SpitiDhankar Monastery in Spiti
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Dhankar Monastery Dhankar signifies ‘a spot in the mountains rare for outsiders.’ This place houses a religious community connected with t
Key Monastery in Spiti
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Key Monastery Kye or Key Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist religious community situates in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is near the Spiti Ri
Sangla Valley
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Sangla Valley Kinnaur is the south eastern region of Himachal Pradesh and lies at an elevation running between 2320 – 6816 m. It is arranged on
Rafting in Spiti River
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Spiti River Rafting Spiti River that courses through the Grand Spiti Valley is the ideal spot for rafting. At a short separation from Paldhar’s
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Shopping In kaza A standout amongst the most anticipated part of any occasion/excursion is the shopping. Shopping in Kaza is a flat out joy. Following
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Kaza Kaza is a place which offers you the pure air at the height ranging from 3800m – 4270m. It is still the untouched place in this man’
Komik in Spiti
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Komik The pleasant Lahaul and Spiti Valley grasps a few fortunes in its region. Komik is one such place, which set correctly in the middle of the shoc
Lhalung Monastery in Spiti
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Lhalung Monastery Lhalung Monastery known by different names in Himachal Pradesh, in particular, the Lhalun Monastery, Sarkhang Monastery, or the Gold
Biking Tour Spiti Valley
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Biking Tour Spiti Valley Another testing and comparative trail for bicycle riding in India can found in Spiti Valley. Part of the condition of Himacha
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Jeep Safari in Spiti The twin sister tenet followed in this part as the comparable scene, climate and fauna of Ladakh can see here. Jeep Safari in Spi
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Camping in Spiti Valley Settled in the Keylong area of Himachal Pradesh, Spiti Valley is one of the beautiful campgrounds for adventure lovers and vis
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