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Dhankar Monastery in SpitiDhankar Monastery in Spiti
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Dhankar Monastery Dhankar signifies ‘a spot in the mountains rare for outsiders.’ This place houses a religious community connected with t
Key Monastery in Spiti
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Key Monastery Kye or Key Monastery is a Tibetan Buddhist religious community situates in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is near the Spiti Ri
Rafting in Spiti River
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Spiti River Rafting Spiti River that courses through the Grand Spiti Valley is the ideal spot for rafting. At a short separation from Paldhar’s
Parang La Trek in Ladakh
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Parang La Trek in Ladakh The Parang La Pass Trek in Ladakh goes through the picturesque valleys and is a standout amongst the most famous trekking tr
Komik in Spiti
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Komik The pleasant Lahaul and Spiti Valley grasps a few fortunes in its region. Komik is one such place, which set correctly in the middle of the shoc
River Rafting in Spiti
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River Rafting in Spiti River Rafting in Spiti is full of fun & enterprises. Waterway rafting locales in Indian Himalayas gives the “River R
Lhalung Monastery in Spiti
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Lhalung Monastery Lhalung Monastery known by different names in Himachal Pradesh, in particular, the Lhalun Monastery, Sarkhang Monastery, or the Gold
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Tourism Spiti Spiti is a developing traveler place in Himachal having excellent scenes and intriguing mix of Buddhism and Hinduism. Tourism in Lahaul
Biking Tour Spiti Valley
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Biking Tour Spiti Valley Another testing and comparative trail for bicycle riding in India can found in Spiti Valley. Part of the condition of Himacha
Bhabha Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh
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Bhabha Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh One of the minimum reviewed treks in the Indian Himalayan district, Bhabha Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is one
Pin Valley National Park in Spiti
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Pin Valley National Park Pin Valley National Park situates in the Lahaul & Spiti area, in Himachal Pradesh. Filled with history & present day
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Losar Losar is a little town in the Lahaul & Spiti District of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. Spiti Valley found near the Indo-Chinese borde
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