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Pawaya Pawaya is one of the old urban areas of India. It was before known as Padmavati and is known not an existence size statue of Chaksha Manibhadr
kala vithika
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Kala Vithika Kala Vithika is one of the conspicuous galleries lodging old instruments of the colossal Indian experts of history. The exhibition hall
Madhav National Park
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Madhav National Park Madhav National Park is situated in Shivpuri locale of Madhya Pradesh state in Central India. It is in a northern area of Madhya
Boating in Tighra Dam
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Boating in Tighra Dam Tighra Dam was built in the year 1917 and is 23 km’s far from the Gwalior City, in stone brickwork in lime mortar. Establi
Jai Vilas Palace
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Jai Vilas Palace It’s the mark of the dominion of Gwalior, the rich private royal residence of scindias where right now Scindia family dwells an
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