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Virupaksha Temple The Virupaksha sanctuary is a standout amongst the most imperative structures situated amongst the remnants at Hampi. Hampi is arou
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The King’s Balance The King’s Balance in Hampi is an old and uncommon parity scale. It is situated toward the southwest of the Vittala Te
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Elephant Stable The Elephant Stable in Hampi is a noteworthy structure that was utilized to give asylum to the illustrious elephants of the Vijayanag
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Zenana Enclosure The Zenana Enclosure was a braced and isolates zone held for the illustrious women of the Vijayanagara Empire. The Zenana Enclosure
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Achyuta Raya Temple Accepted to have been worked amid King Achyuta Deva Raya (1530-1542) by an officer Salakaraju Tirumaladeva, this sanctuary, howev
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Bellary Fort This is arranged in the heart of Bellary City with more than two k.m. in circumference.This alluring post which will be lit up on nation
Rock Climbing in Hampi
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Rock Climbing in Hampi Hampi is one of the significant rock climbing destinations in India and similarly well-known amongst local people and outsiders
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Sloth Bear Sighting at Daroj Bear Sanctuary Daroj Bear Sanctuary is an absolute necessity for any of you sloth bear sweethearts. A short drive from B
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Queen’s Bath The Queen’s Bath in Hampi is a giant bath that embodies the building perfection common amid the times of the Vijayanagara Em
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Shopping at Hampi Bazar Hampi shopping is presumably the best to put something aside for the end of the voyaging. Shops are all around Hampi. The majo
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Daroji Bear Sanctuary Welcome to Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Privately known as KARADI, the Sloth Bear (Melursus Ursinus) lives in open scour woodlan
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Lotus Palace The Lotus Mahal or Lotus Palace is a one of a kind structure situated among the rich design remnants of Hampi. This superb structure is
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