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Wildlife Safari in Sunderban National Park
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Wildlife Safari in Sunderban National Park Sunderbans National Park situates in World’s biggest Delta shaped by the conversion of the streams Br
Durga Pujarrrrrrrrr
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Durga Puja Durga Puja is one of the important Hindu festivals in India. The festival honors life, society, conventions, & traditions. The celebrat
Kali temple
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Kali Temple This old Kali temple in Kolkata. It is the holiest spot for Hindus & conceivably the origin of the city’s name. Today’s fo
Bhai Phota
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Bhai Phota Bhai Phota is a Bengali Hindu celebration, celebrates two days after the Kali Puja. The celebration is like Bhai Dhooj in northern India, B
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Tourism Kolkata Kolkata is the capital of West Bengal, India and is one of the metropolitan urban communities in India. It is situated in the eastern
Rock Climbing in Kolkata
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Rock Climbing in Kolkata The city of Kolkata has different places, for example, engineering ponders, historical points of interest, plant gardens; dis
Victoria Memorial Hall in Kolkata
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Victoria Memorial Hall Worked somewhere around 1906 & 1921, the Victoria Memorial Hall devoted to the memory of Queen Victoria (1819–1901). It i
Book Fair
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Kolkata Book Fair The International Kolkata Book Fair is a winter fair in Kolkata. It is an excellent book fair in the feeling of not being an exchang
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The city of Joy, Kolkata is a beautiful place which holds an important position in India Tourism.Be it the economy, politics or art, and culture, the
Poila Baisakh in Kolkata
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Poila Baisakh Calcutta Poila Baisakh festival is fundamentally a harvest merriment that denotes the start of the product cycle in Bengal. It happens i
Mother House in kolkata
(78 hits)
Mother House  The Missionaries of Charity’s Mother House is a sacred spot of journey & love for the individuals who are hunting down a more
Kali Puja
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Kali Puja Calcutta Kali Puja festival is another important event that happens two weeks after the festival of Laxmi puja. Kali puja performed in the h
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