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Surfing in Paradip
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Surfing in Paradip There are different surfing focuses in Odisha yet without a doubt one of them the most energizing ones for experienced surfers can
Konark Beach
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Konark Beach Konark Beach is a central beach with beautiful green water & shining brilliant sand. The natural beauty of Konark Beach is most perce
Sun Temple in Konark
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Konark Sun Temple The Konark Sun Temple situates near the coastline of Odisha, around four kilometers from the ocean. It intensely beautified with sto
Konark Dance Festival
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Konark Dance Festival Konark Dance Festival is a dance celebration held each year in December in setting of the Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha in India.
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ASI Museum ASI Museum at Konark is an exhibition hall kept up by Archeological Survey of India. It is a piece of the Archeological historical center o
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Arranged at the joining of Mahanadi and Kathajodi Rivers, Cuttack, the second greatest city in Odisha is 27 km from the state capital Bhubaneshwar. Th
Kali Puja in Cuttack
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Kali Puja in Cuttack Kali Puja is a Hindu celebration committed to the Goddess Kali. Kali Puja is commended on new moon day amid Diwali celebration.
Bali Yatra Festival in Cuttack
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Bali Yatra Festival in Cuttack  The celebration is commanded to remember the great past of business ocean travels that were sorted out to the island
Rajarani Temple
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Rajarani Temple  Rajarani Temple is a standout amongst the most famous sanctuaries in Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa. It is produced using t
Shopping in Bhubaneshwar
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Shopping in Bhubaneshwar The business sectors & shops in Bhubaneshwar all around loaded with privately made materials & saris and also high
Durga Puja in Cuttack
(215 hits)
Durga Puja in Cuttack Durga Puja is a renowned Hindu celebration when Goddess Durga is revered. Durga Puja is otherwise called Durgotsava. Durgotsava
Udayagiri Cave
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Udayagiri Cave  Bhubaneswar, Udayagiri is a flight of steps gives the slope on the right & access to its 18 holes. Therefore, The biggest and the
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