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Ropeway The conclusion of ropeway and hot springs at Rajgir and ‘Jal Mandir’ at Pawapuri after successive tremors has influenced the ordi
Hot Spring in Rajgir
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Hot Spring in Rajgir Hot springs in Rajgir are a standout amongst the most well-known attractions in Patna. These hot springs are arranged at the foo
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Rajgir Dance Festival Rajgir, prior known as ‘Rajgriha’, was the capital of Magadhan Empire in antiquated times. Encompassed by seven slo
Makar Sankranti mela in Rajgir
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Makar Sankranti Mela in Rajgir Makar Sankranti has extraordinary significance for each Hindu. This is the day when the Sun God starts its command and
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Gridhakut Gridhakuta Hill is a lingering and sedimentary slope in Rajgir, Bihar. The height of the slope is 717.5 meters (2,354 ft). The slope is arr
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Tourism Rajgir Rajgir, around 16 km from Nalanda. Rajgir is the collection of temples and religious communities. It is a standout amongst the most fam
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Tourism Patna Patna developed as a standout amongst the most looked for vacationer places in Bihar. Situated in the southern parts of the Ganges, the
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Barabar Caves The Barabar Caves are exceptionally lovely and edging with architectural excellence and arrange in the Barabar Hills. The Barabar Caves
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Tourism Gaya The rushed town of Gaya is a religious community for Hindu travelers. They trust that the sanctuary offerings here soothe the as of late
Great Buddha Statue
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The Great Buddha Statue in Bodhgaya The Giant Buddha Statue is one of the numerous stops in the Buddhist journey & vacationer courses in Bodhgaya,
boddha temple
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Buddha Temple Bodh Gaya is in Bihar. Bodhgaya is a town where, the Buddha Shakyamuni’s illumination, Bodh Gaya is the most worshipped of all Bud
Maha Kala Chakra Pooja
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Maha Kala Chakra Pooja The Kala chakra puja, a standout amongst the most consecrated ceremonies of the Mahayana organization, planned to start on Janu
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