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108 shiva temple
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108 Shiva Temple Situates on the west bank of the Bhagirathi, Ambika Kalna (also known as Kalna) is famous for its temples. It achieved its existence
lalji temple
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Lalji Temple Lalji Temple built in 1739 by Braja Kishori Devi wife of Maharaja Jagat Ram. The temple has a beautiful yellow Garuda with nippy green w
Pratapeshwar Temple
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Pratapeshwar Temple Pratapeshwar Temple thought to be one of the best cases of the nineteenth Century Orissan “rekh-deul” type of temple d
Surfing in Gokarna Beach
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Surfing at Gokarna Beach Come and figure out how to surf at Cocopelli Surf School, the first and final surf school in Gokarna. The surf school perceiv
Jor Bangla Temple
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Jor Bangla Temple Jor BanglaTemple is a well-known temple of Bishnupur, (Bankura locale, West Bengal, India) with an impressive compositional outline
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Durgapur Beside Durgapur’s enthusiasm as a position of noteworthy modern plants and great urban configuration, the City Center is ending up bein
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Rasmancha Rasmancha (which means a stage for moves) is a well-known attraction situates in Bishnupur. Therefore, The landmark formed by Bir Hambir, a
bishnupur museum
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Bishnupur Museum Acharya Jogesh Chandra Prakriti Bhawan (also known as Bishnupur Museum) arrange in Bishnupur, famous worldwide for its grand terrac
Bishnupur Festival
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Bishnupur Festival Held each year somewhere around 27 and 31 Dec close to the Madan Mohan Temple, Vishnupur the Festival tells the rich legacy of thi
shopping in bishnupur
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Shopping in Bishnupur Shopping in Bishnupur is fun and exciting as there is a scope of things that you can purchase in Bishnupur. Baluchari Sarees, Ba
Rock Climbing in Susunia Hills
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Rock Climbing in Susunia Hills Among the few shake climbing destinations of the east, Susunia Hills in the Bankura locale of West Bengal is one of the
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