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Cherai Beach
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Cherai Beach Famous for its normal excellence and friendliness since days of past, Kerala “God’s Country” creates by ideal values,
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Nivati Beach Nivati is an unexplored land parcel that springs an amazement every step of the way you take. Nivati shoreline a separated inlet with an
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Kondivli Beach The delightful sand is untouched by overwhelming stream of vacationers. Still the shoreline gives a significant part of the chance to
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Malpa Beach Around four kms toward the west of Udupi, Malpe is an imperative port of the Karnataka coast. It is arranged at the mouth of the Malpe/Udy
kovalam beach
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Kovalam Beach Kovalam Beach is known as the “Heaven of the South.” Kovalam is only 15 km far from Trivandrum, Kerala’s capital city
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Kozhikode Beach Kozhikode Beach is on the western side of Kozhikode, arranges on the Malabar Coast of India. The beach is available through four stree
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Shiroda Beach Shiroda is memorable city nearly connected with Mahatma Gandhi’s Namak Satyagrah [1930]. When Shiroda was a thick timberland which
Konark Beach
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Konark Beach Konark Beach is a central beach with beautiful green water & shining brilliant sand. The natural beauty of Konark Beach is most perce
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Payyambalam Beach The Payyambalam shoreline situated close to the Kannur town is one of the lovely shorelines in the condition of Kerala. This excell
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Mandarmani Beach Mandarmani is a shoreline resort in Purba Medinipur area of South Bengal , one of the southern regions of West Bengal . It is right
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Baga Beach When its compare with Calangute Beach, it is peaceful furthermore more separate. It’s beautiful excellence, with the river, the Retr
Balighai Beach
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Balighai Beach The since a long time ago streched Balighai shoreline is arranged on Puri-Konark Marine drive street. This virgin shoreline is signific
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