Adishwar Temple in palitana Riyasaini
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Country India
State/Province Gujarat
distance: 6,211 Km
Address Adishwar Temple in palitana
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Adishwar Temple

Adishwar Temple broadly known by another name ‘Chaumukha Temple’ too. This fifteenth-century sanctuary hallowed place known for the interesting building style of a Nalinigulm Vimana, a radiant flying machine.
This Adishwar Temple took 65 years for the development and is the biggest Jain sanctuaries. Sanctuary has three stories, 80 arches, and 29 corridors. Guests get shocked by seeing the structures of the sanctuary which are bolstered by 1444 columns. The deepest part of the sanctuary is decorated with a four confronted picture of Lord Adinath or Rishabhdev.

Adishwar Temple or the Chaumukha Temple fits in with the fifteenth century and was worked as a sublime flying machine, a Nalinigulm Vimana that was evidently found in a fantasy by Shah, the sanctuary’s developer. It is the biggest Jain sanctuary in the district and it took sixty-five years to finish it. It is extremely mind-boggling and is thought to be one of the five most essential blessed sanctums of Jains, in India.


Pali is a town in Rajasthan condition of western India. Situated in the Mutharika area, Pali is the regulatory base camp of Pali District. It is arranged on the bank of the stream Bandi and is 35 km south-east of Jodhpur. It is known as “The Industrial City”.Pali (previously known as Pallika and Palli) was an exchange focus. In the eleventh century AD, Pali was ruled by the Guhilas of Mewar. In the twelfth century, it turned into a part of the Nadal kingdom and was ruled by the Chauhan family. In 1153 AD it was ruled by Chalukya Kumarpal and his feudatory Vahadadeva. At that point, it went under the ownership of Songara Chauhans of Jalore.

How to Reach Adishwar Temple

By Road: Adishwar Temple is situated at Sanderao close Pali city. One can undoubtedly reach here by transport or taxi.

By Rail: Adishwar Temple is all around associated through closest Pali Railway station to significant urban areas railroad stations like Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Chennai, Bikaner, Pali, Jaipur, Ahmedabad.
By Air: Adishwar Temple can be reached through closest Jodhpur Airport (75 km) which is all around associated with consistent residential flights to Delhi, Mumbai.

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