Achakarai Road, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 643223, India Priya
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Country India
State/Province Tamil Nadu
distance: 7,386 Km
Address Achakarai Road, Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu 643223, India

Birding in Mudumalai

The Mudumalai National Park situates around 82 km Northwest of Coimbatore. It made in 1940 to end up the main Wildlife Sanctuary of South India. Therefore, This territory displays at the foot of Nilgiris. Birding in Mudumalai is a delightful experience for the bird watchers.

The sanctuary is home to more than 320 types of feathered creatures, both transient and also permanent. And has a blended vegetation with a mix of tropical dry deciduous, tropical wet deciduous, & southern tropical thistle. Known for Alpine Swift, Brown Dove, Grey Junglefowl, Green Imperial Pigeon, Gray Francolin, & Red Spurfowl. Therefore, This place resembles a home for some birders for photography and touring purposes.

The forests give complete natural surroundings to all of them year round. The other winged animals recorded in this sanctuary are Bulbuls, Gray Partridge Quails, Grey Hornbill, Goggle Eyed Plower, Large Racket-Tailed Dronge, Mynahs, Malabar Whistling Thrush, Peacock, Spotted Babbler, Small Green Barbet, The Magpie-robin, & so on.

Best Time to Visit Birding in Mudumalai

December to May is the best time to visit birds here.

How to Reach Birding in Mudumalai

By Air: The closest International Airport is Coimbatore Airport, around 125 Km. Therefore, Coimbatore Airport very much associates with the places in India and abroad. Like Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Bangkok, Cochin, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Sharjah, & Singapore.

By Rail: The closest Railway station situates at Coimbatore named as Coimbatore Junction, around 115 Km. Therefore, Coimbatore Railway station is the best choice as there are repetitive prepares from all parts of the State.

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