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Christmas Celebrations in Different Parts of India

The best market for looking for Christmas decorations is Khan Market. Kirti Creations, a present shop in the business sector, is famous for offering gigantic statues of Santa Claus, straw for making the nativity scene in homes, neck ties with reindeer plans, and turning on each enrichment one can see. Some time ago they were known for offering certain pine trees from the Himalayan mountains. These days, the trees are typically different from the Australian and the European markets. Christmas presents, both Indian and imported from China. Can also buy at Janpath and the INA Market.
Christmas in Delhi also implies the German Christmas Market that set up at the German House. It composed by the German Embassy and started more than 14 years back. And every year it draws in more than 12,000 guests. Once can enjoy delicious food. Like custom made nutty surprises, wieners, crisply made waffles, & Glueh (a hot German wine). There is also a lit-up Christmas tree. With diversions, craftsmanship competitions, lucky draws, enchantment demonstrates. A live band, songs by the choir of the German School, Santa himself circulating presents to all the smallest ones.
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