Haflong Diya
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Country India
State/Province Assam
distance: 7,398 Km
Address Haflong
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Tourism Haflong

Haflong is one of the mainstream vacationer spots, situated in the Himalayan area of Assam. Also called as the ‘Switzerland of the East,’ Haflong hill station remains at a height of around 515 meters. This realistic town is perfect with lovely green slopes, flowing rivers, and falling waterfalls. In Assam, Haflong is the main hill station furthermore known as White Ant Hillock. The customary towns and cities are lying close by describing the way of life and society of the north-east.

Haflong is also the area of the base camp of North Cachar Hills and one of the 23 districts of Assam. The commonly talked languages are Hindi, Biate, Dimasa, Zeme, and some common ones. Well known because of amazing beautiful areas. This town lies near Silchar. Gorgeous greenery, fantastic areas, perfect rivers make Haflong an ideal destination for your journey. The district is also known for its trekking and climbing opportunities.

Best time to visit Haflong

Summer Season: Summers of Haflong Hill are amazingly hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 25°C to 32°C in the months of April to June.

Rainstorm Season: June denotes the start of Monsoon season in Haflong Hill and keeps going until September.

Winter Season: Winters season reaches Haflong Hill in October and keeps going until February.

How to Reach Haflong

By Air: The closest Airport from Haflong Hill is Silchar Airport, Assam, about a three-hour drive from the town. The second nearest Airport from Haflong Hill is Shillong Airport, Meghalaya, about six-drive. Flights to the urban communities, for example, Jorhat, Kolkata, and Guwahati can be served from here.

By Railroads: Haflong Hill has own railway station named as Haflong Hill Railway Station, situated in the upper east of the town. It interfaces Maibong, Lumding, Silchar, and Jatinga to Haflong Hill.

Where to Stay in Haflong

The point of interest Hotel is a Landmark Hotel to stay in Haflong. The point of interest Hotel, situated around 2 km from the Haflong Lake, is a hotel in Haflong. The Haflong Hill Railway Station is around 2-3 km from this hotel. Visitors can serve free breakfast at this inn.

Where to Eat in Haflong

Food in Haflong is to a great extent impacted by northeast cooking and is of agrarian nature. Rice shapes the standard eating routine, and fish curry is regular as well. Both veg and non-veg lover eateries are in Haflong, some offering multi-cooking food. Sweet dishes are a part of the honor. The neighborhood food is non-hot, yet heavenly.

Attraction in Haflong

Kaziranga National Park: With a couple of hours of driving, you can achieve this national park. 66% of the world’s one-horned rhinoceroses. With a few tigers, elephants, wild water bison, and marsh deer, Kaziranga has known not an extraordinary birds shelter.

Silchar: The Sri Kancha Kanti Devi temple is a prime attraction of this spot. The town of Khaspur has an extensive old royal residence that is practically destroyed today yet is without a doubt worth a watch.

Maibong: This spot is 47 km from Haflong and on the banks of river Mahurlies. Mainstream vacationer spot is the parts of the unmistakable capital of the Dimasa Kachari Kingdom. The temple of Kachari rulers can also see here.

Garampani: It is a high temp water spring close Umrongso which is accepted to have medicinal properties and is also popular for the dazzling pictorial views.

Haflong Lake: Haflong Lake, is one of the two lakes on the central slope station of Assam. This substantial and delightful lake add a divine wonder to the hill station which is view as the ‘Scotland of Assam.’

Panimoor: Situated 122 km far from Haflong and is known for its waterfall shaped by Kopili river.

Activities in Haflong

The adventure activities and experience sports at Haflong are Para-coasting, Gliding, and Trekking.

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