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Country India
State/Province Himachal Pradesh
distance: 5,694 Km
Address Haryali Festival In kangra
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Haryali Festival In kangra

Hariyali Teej is a fasting celebration for Hindu ladies (wedded or unmarried), celebrated for conjugal euphoria and the wellbeing of their spouses. Hariyali teej is the third day of the principal fortnight in the Hindu month Shravan. Shravan month points the start of rainstorm. the stormy season in India. “Hariyali” signifies “greenery” that is an image of development and flourishing. Consequently, Hariyali teej is the festival on this greenery and development. It is a festival of the restoration of the earth after an extremely hot and dry summer.Ladies witness quick on teej and appeal to God for the great harvest season and prosperity of their spouse and relatives. Those unmarried ladies petition God for conjugal rapture.

Hariyali teej is a celebration of dedication towards Mother Nature and crew. It is fairly the most anticipated celebration for young ladies as they spruce up in bright garments, wear gems, apply mehandi, wear vivid bangles and appreciate to the center.

On this event ladies love Goddess Parvati (wife of Lord Shiva) and they quick for the long existence of their spouse. It is trusted that Devi Parvati experienced an atonement and asked persistently to demonstrate her dedication towards Lord Shiva and it was after 108 births and resurrections that he acknowledged her as his wife. Hitched ladies look for her endowments by respecting Devi Parvati and unmarried ladies guzzled by her soul to be honored by a spouse such as Lord Shiva.

Legend has it that the Goddess Parvati once experienced a willful compensation with an end goal to show her dedication to Lord Shiva and was conceived and renewed on earth 108 times before he took her as his wife. The day was “Teej of Shrawan Month” when Lord Shiva took her as his wife, then Devi Parvati guaranteed each ladies who conjures her will be favor with conjugal euphoria and her endowments

The Hariyali Teej festivity involves moving, singing and swining. Yes, you read it effectively “Swinging”. Ladies (particularly in North India) observe Hariyali teej by wearing green bangles and getting a charge out of swings everywhere throughout the spots. Speacial fairs are being sorted out by neighborhood powers to commend the event of Hariyali Teej. It is a standard practice for the ladies themselves to sit in swings in impersonation of those gods.

Best time to Visit Haryali Festival In kangra

July to August

How to Reach Haryali Festival In kangra

By Air
The Gaggal air terminal is the closest operational air terminal all together go to Kangra which is arranged only b the wonderful sloping town of Kangra. There are some different airplane terminals which are at Chandigarh, Delhi, Jammu and Amritsar. There are likewise open vehicles like transports and taxis accessible to go toKangra from the Airport.

By Train
The closest railroad station to Kangra is at Pathankot which is around 90 km from Kangra. Taxi administrations are accessible from Pathankot to Kangra at a charge of about Rs 1,000. Network via trains is great.

By Bus
Transport administration to Kangra from neighboring towns is fantastic. There are different Government run transports which interface Kangra with all the neighboring urban communities. Himachal Pradesh Transport Corporation and Punjab Roadways are the fundamental transport suppliers to Kangra.

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