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Day 1: Learning to Drive an Auto Rickshaw 
This evening, the members of the 2009 Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge endeavored to drive an auto rickshaw interestingly…. 

Day 2: Chennai to Vellore 
What a day! I woke up since 6 a.m. Furthermore, I am exhausted. The greater part of alternate members feel the same way. The 2009 Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge formally got in progress at late morning when we withdrew Chennai for Vellore, around 130 km away….

Day 3: Vellore to Bangalore
The day began off decidedly. A major part of the Rickshaw Challenge is an aid. Along the course, we stop and visit a scope of various projects attempted by Round Table India. Therefore, the trip went logically down slope from that point. To start with up, we came up short on petrol. Not long after we recovered a portion of the lost ground, we pulled over by the police….

Day 4: Bangalore to Mysore 
What happens when 13 auto rickshaws focus at a toll stall on another expressway where auto rickshaws restricted? I discovered today, in what was the most comical occurrence of the 2009 Mumbai Xpress Rickshaw Challenge as such… 

Day 5: Mysore to Mangalore 
Following four days spent driving a rickshaw and evading activity through various Indian towns. Furthermore, I began to get a thought of what could be inside the brain of the regular Indian driver…   By- Sheha Walia
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