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Country India
State/Province Himachal Pradesh
distance: 5,646 Km
Address Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh
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Tourism khajjir

The green knoll of Khajjiar is arranged at a separation of around 22 km from Dalhousie and 23 from Chamba. 1.5 km long and 1.0 km wide, this little town is molded like a saucer and has seven emerald-turf glades encompassed by thick pine and deodar and high mountains. It even has a little lake that is sustained by streams coursing through the springy green floor covering of Khajjiar. Frequently known as ‘Gulmarg of Himachal Pradesh’, it has been apropos portrayed by Hutchinson as – “Khajjiar is a backwoods knoll of incredible magnificence, 6,400 feet above ocean level”.

In 1992, Mr. Willy T. Coat, Vice Counselor and Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India, named Khajjiar ‘Smaller than normal Switzerland of India’ and put a billboard of a yellow Swiss climbing pathway that shows the separation of Khajjiar from the Swiss capital “Berne” as 6,194 km. With this, Khajjiar got to be one of the 160 areas on the planet that take after the geology of Switzerland and one of its stones turned into the part of the stone montage around the Swiss Parliament, which speaks to Khajjiar as the ‘Small scale Switzerland of India’.

Khajjiar was a part of the recent condition of the Rajput leaders of Chamba. In the sixth century, it served as the capital of the Chamba rulers. From that point, it was assumed control by the Mughals, from which the guideline ignored to different Sikh kingdoms. At last, British control was set up over Khajiar and with the autonomy, the slope station turned into a part of the condition of Himachal Pradesh. The pleasant magnificence of the spot, alongside its nine-opening fairway, has given a help of its travel and tourism industry.

Best tme to Visit khajjir

Best tme to Visit From April Till July.

Summer season in Khajjar keeps going from the month of March to June. Amid these months, climate in the city is entirely charming. Temperature ranges from around 10°C during the evening (least) to 39°C amid the day (most extreme). Cotton garments and light woolen garments are suggested amid this season. Make a point to convey your sunscreen as well.

The winter season in Khajjar starts from October and keeps going till the month of February. The climate amid this time is extremely serious in numerous faculties in Khajjar. Now and again, the temperature might fall underneath the point of solidification, bringing about substantial snowfall. Explorers are proposed to travel this spot, furnished with overwhelming woolens amid wintesr.

Storm season in Khajjar begins in July and keeps going until September month. The spot gets yearly precipitation of around 160 cm. Climate amid nowadays is wonderful. Rich green mountains and water streams make Khajjar a considerably more delightful spot to see. The entire valley turns out to be brimming with adaptable shades of blossoms and charms voyagers.

How to Reach khajjir

By Air
The closest airplane terminal from Khajjar is that of Gaggal in Kangra, arranged at a separation of 180 km. Voyagers can take a flight till Gaggal air terminal and from that point, load up taxis and transports accessible for achieving Khajjar. After the Gaggal air terminal, the ones in Jammu and Amritsar are the following best alternatives, particularly with their network with whatever is left of India.

By Road
Khajjar is very much associated with the greater part of the urban areas of the state with all around created and advanced streets. This spot is effortlessly open by street and is not really around one and a half hours driving from Dalhousie and Chamba. Himachal Road Transport Corporation works transport administrations, associating Khajjar with the real urban areas in and around the state.

By Train
Pathankot is the closest railhead for venturing out to Khajjar. The spot is arranged at a separation of 80 km from the slope resort. All the fundamental stations of India are associated with this railroad station. Transports and taxis could be boarded to achieve Khajjar from Pathakot. Chandigarh and Delhi are two major urban communities close Khajjar, you can begin your trip from.

Where to Stay in  khajjir

There are just a couple of alternatives here including few inn, few cabin keep running by Himachal Tourism and two or three rest houses. Lodging Nature Joint, Khajjia, Hotel Swiss Meadows, Khajjiar, Royal Residency, Khajjiar, Shining Star Resort, Khajjiar

Where to Eat in khajjir

The decisions for nourishment and foods here is not precisely involved and alternatives have a tendency to be restricted. There are only a couple of eateries here that serve Indian sustenance. The lodgings, resorts and cabins as a rule have more assortment. Other than these one can attempt thenoodles and soup that various road joints here, serve and are said to be very well known.

Attractions in khajjir

Khajinag Temple (Golden Devi Temple)
The town of Khajjiar has been named after its antiquated sanctuary of Khajinag. Arranged close to the popular Khajjiar Lake, this sanctuary goes back to as far back as the twelfth century. The sanctuary stands enhanced with a brilliant vault and tower, which has prompted the sanctuary frequently being called as the ‘Brilliant Devi’ sanctuary. It has wooden sanctum with many-sided carvings. The “mandapam” of Khajinag Temple has pictures of the Pandavas and the vanquished Kaurvas, seen on the top of the circumambulatory way of the sanctuary. The sanctuary draws in numerous aficionados and visitors alike.

Khajjiar Lake
Khajjiar Lake is a little lake, encompassed by saucer-formed rich green glade and a coasting island. The thick development of weed called “vacha” has made its earth elastic. Presently the banks stand secured by a thick layer of earth, shaped by the years of dust settling down on the weeds.

One of the significant attractions of Khajjiar is its tremendous nine-opening green. Individuals going by the valley of Chamba make a point to visit Khajjiar and appreciate the game for some time.

Activities in khajjir

Khajjiar trek
8.703 kms from downtown area 29 UpvotesThe Khajjiar trek is a 14km trek through scenes of Deodar and Pine trees blended with streams. While the landscapes and perspectives are amazing, the trek can be somewhat testing.

Experience Activities
8.703 kms from downtown area 27 UpvotesGuests can appreciate exercises like steed riding, Paragliding and Zorbing here. House riding is a typical action appreciated in many zones in and around the town.

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