Lingshed Monastery in Ladakh Ashima
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Address Lingshed Monastery in Ladakh
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Lingshed Monastery

The Lingshed Monastery (Gonpa) is additionally one of the most established among different religious communities in Ladakh. Lingshed Gonpa was established in the twelfth century by the follower of Indian celebrated researcher Lama Lotchawa Rinchen Zangpo. Later on, Lama Changsem Sherab Zangpo was reached out being developed of the religious community has branches of sanctuaries in the encompassed towns. It is arranged in a decently and encompassed by the scene mountains, bright shakes and towns at far-flung separation 224 kms from Leh city. Lingshed Gonpa is headed of trekking course from Lamayuru Wanla to Padum Zanskar, Dharcha Manali.

Ngari Rinpochey, a more youthful sibling of HH Dalai Lama is the proprietor of Lingshed Gonpa. In year 2009, His Holiness Dalai Lama was gone by Lingshed Monastery  by Helicopter on August 15, 2009 for one day and over night sit tight. His Holiness symbolized favored the area and gave essential teachings to the friars, nuns, educators, understudies and individuals/occupants of Lingshed locale.

The cloister has a major petition to God corridor (called Dhokhang) in which comprises of Buddha, Yamandhaka, Mahakala and different dharma defender divinities, Tangyur books 200 volumes and other offering objects. The Mahakala and Yaman-dhaka are the fundamental divinities of the Gonpa and towns. There is likewise Metriya Jamba (a future Buddha) in the Gonpa is in a perfect world suited for the compatibility of the grand perfect of peace, flourishing and prosperity of all the aware creatures. There is a library of Kagyur books of 108 volumes.

The friars instruct in the custom supplications to God, Buddhist theory, Metaphysics and present day trainings in the religious community. They do perform the Pujas in Gonpa and in towns for the welfare of every single conscious being and the thriving. Yamandhaka is an imperative god for the purpose of the group. Yamandhaka god, Kangyur and Tangyur books brought from Tibet before banished the Tibet. This current god’s cover opens in once time in a year on 15 day of fourth month of Tibetan year. Individuals originates from better places to see the divinity in got of gift, peace, congruity, joy and great flourishing for the purpose of every conscious being in towns and the world.

The Kagyur and Tangyur books perusing celebration sorts out in the month of June or July consistently at Gonpa. The ministers read the books for a long time. The general population from towns serve the nourishment and tea to the ministers amid books perusing. Smonlam-the petition to God of dharma defender divinities direct and do execution in first month of Tibetan year in winter season. The friars do puja execution and custom exercises for 15 days for the purpose of peace, satisfaction, agreement and welfare of aware creatures on the planet. Lingshed religious community is in rich and fortune of the old surely understood antiquated Temples, Scriptures, Stupas, Thankas, Manuscripts, Statues, Frescoes, Wall Paintings and conventional qualities for the well creatures in the group.

How to Reach Lingshed Monastery in Ladakh :

By Air – Flight from Leh air terminal fly to real destinations both inside and outside the condition of Jammu and Kashmir. Plane Airways and Alliance Airways work a day by day flight to and from Delhi. Organization together Airs likewise interface Leh to Chandigarh once per week, to Srinagar twice per week and Jammu four times each week.

By Road – Leh can be come to from Delhi, either by means of Srinagar-Zojila pass or by means of Manali-Rohtang pass. The courses are open just amid particular months (June to October) because of climate conditions. From Leh, three transports leave for Tak Thok every day, the first at 10.30 am, and the last at 4.00.

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