Bodhagya Riyasaini
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Country India
State/Province Bihar
distance: 6,878 Km
Address Bodhagya
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Maha Kala Chakra Pooja

The Kala chakra puja, a standout amongst the most consecrated ceremonies of the Mahayana organization, planned to start on January 12 at Bodh Gaya and in which Tibetan profound pioneer the Dalai Lama and the seventeenth Karmapa Urgyen Trinle Dorje will take an interest, appears to have keep running into a contention with around 20 neo-Buddhists sitting on dharna requesting its cancelation.

The neo-Buddhists are watching uncertain quick close to the Mahabodhi Temple, where Lord Buddha had achieved enlightment, looking for cancelation of Kalachakra puja saying the sanctuary would be “polluted” as the members would enter with shoes and chappals, Bhante Mahanam, an agitationist told correspondents.

Gaya District Magistrate Brajesh Mehrotra had hurried to the sanctuary to convince the instigators to end their dissent. Yet, they have so far declined to yield, official sources said.

The seventeenth Karmapa had as of now come to Bodh Gaya to join in the customs. The Dalai Lama, who touched base at Patna today, will continue for Bodh Gaya tomorrow by street to take an interest in the nine-day custom.

In the mean time, readiness for the Kalachakra puja, sorted out by the branch of religion and society of Central Tibetan organization based at Dharmshala in Himachal Pradesh, is verging on complete and around 80,000 lovers from India and abroad have officially arrived here.

Elaborate security courses of action have been made for the puja with insight authorities and Bihar police keeping a nearby vigil in perspective of risk observation to the two profound pioneers, authorities included. Metal identifiers have been set up at 15 passage focuses to the spot and a substantial number of surge lights introduced.

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