Matsya Festival in Alwar kavita khatri
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Country India
State/Province Rajasthan
distance: 6,067 Km
Address Matsya Festival in Alwar
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Matsya Festival 

The Matsya Festival is one of the major celebrations of Alwar City of Rajasthan State. This festival demonstrates the flourishing of social & conventional values & accepts. This famous festival is known for its cultural & social legacy, fairs, & rich traditions. To see the accurate estimations of the celebration assortments of presentations, rivalries, sports, people music, tunes, & dance performed among the celebration.
The festival celebrates for two days with most extreme fun & energy. Individuals from everywhere throughout the Rajasthan & also outside come to go to this exciting celebration in Alwar. The Matsya celebration is accepted as a party to show appreciation to the ancestors & their way of life. 

Matsya Festival – The Pride of Alwar

The two-day Matsya celebration incorporates various enterprise games, for example, parasailing, hot air expanding & zorbing. An energizing & experience filled armed force show is a piece of the recreations. And, typically held at the Company Bagh venue. Wellbeing devotees can exploit the yoga camp which is a part of the celebration. And, sorted out in the morning hours at the same place as Army show.
The Matsya Festival also incorporates Alwar Darshan of nearby touring which offers sightseers some assistance. With getting a more critical take a gander at the ways of life & traditions of the neighborhood masses. And, the mainstream vacationer destinations of Alwar. An old exploration show called Dharohar also held at the celebration destination. Kids can take part in the drawing & story competitions hung on the event. For the current year, kids delighted in a portion of the best motion pictures. Made particularly for them at the Children’s Film celebration hung on the second day of the Matsya Festival. Shehnai-wadan or woodwind presentation by prominent craftsmen is one of the highlights of the festival. Therefore, There are various sorts of competition & challenges. Including local society dance, songs, & music that keep the gatherings of people enchanted for two entire days. 

How to Reach Alwar

By Air: The closest air terminal is the Sanganer Airport at Jaipur, around 162 km from Alwar. Taxis are accessible from the airplane terminal to Alwar.

By Train: Alwar railroad station very much associates with Jaipur & Delhi. Therefore, Taxi administrations are available at the station.

By Road: Alwar all around associates with all urban communities in Rajasthan by state-possessed transport administrations. Private transports are accessible to Alwar from Jaipur. Delhi is about 366 km away. Therefore, Transports are accessible from Delhi to Alwar.

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