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Country India
State/Province Maharashtra
distance: 6,488 Km
Address Mumbai, Maharashtra

1. Chaat and Puri

The road food, you’re certain to find a chaat seller with his wheeled slowdown, conveying his products on a single stool, or with a strapped on plate remaining at each road corner. Chaat is an accumulation of snacks produced using dried little puris, boiled potatoes, raw onions, tomato, coriander, mint chutney, tamarind chutney, and a couple of zest powders. It’s crisp and a most loved on-the-go nibble. 

Paani Puri: Hollow cooked puris, loaded down with boiled potatoes, lentils, and a spicy mint water. Stand at the slow down & hold out the little bowl he gives you. And have them one by one, as he serves them up. (A plate, for the most part, involves six pieces). Pop a whole one into your mouth in one go, and enjoy the mix of the puri as your mouth loads with a spout of spicy water.

Bhel Puri: 
A plateful of fried rice, mixed with tomatoes, slashed onions, peanuts, raw mango, sev, and the chutneys. A lip smacking dish served in a huge paper cone. With a puri for a spoon, eat it up rapidly before the paper deteriorates.
Sev Puri: A level seared puri (like an appetizing roll) finished with little heaps of boiled lentils, potatoes, chopped onions, tomatoes, and finished with a sprinkling of sev, mint chutney, tamarind chutney, flavors, and coriander clears out. Once more, pop them in your mouth entirety.
For a super safe, hygienic eatery experience. At, Swati Snacks, Trupti, Punjab Sweet House, Elco. For an ultimate roadside experience. You should try Marine Drive Chowpatty or Juhu Chowpatty

2. Thaalis

“Atithi Devo Bhava” – an Indian saying that the visitor is a type of God. Treated like Gods you will be, particularly with regards to being served a Thaali. A Thaali is an everything you can eat food that served to your comfortable table. Also, no one shows improvement over the Gujaratis and Rajasthanis. As the slogan of the most standard thali joint goes “We serve the length of you can eat.”
These whatever you can eat joints serve you like your family, with adoration, demanding you eat all the more (regardless of the fact that you’re as of now full). Ordinarily, you look over one of the thali choices (an average, or an exceptional). The distinction ordinarily being pastry or pricier occasional produce. Also, as you sit at your table, liveried, turban-wearing men responsible for various courses keep coming. And serving up to an assortment of 3 entertain bouches, four sorts of bread, four vegetables, two lentils, five savors, a few various types of crisps, three varieties of rice, four sorts of yogurt. And obviously, extensive spoonfuls of illuminated margarine. 

3. Dhaabas

Initially the rural thruway eateries in North India that took into account enormous eater drivers. Dhabas built up their particular cooking that contains in-your-face meat and super hot flavor. Regularly outdoors eateries with Tandoors (new extensive coal grills) and small seating on bamboo beds. Dhabas are the place you go dressed down and eat with your hands. Enjoy wholesome Punjabi dishes like Makke di Roti, Sarson da Saag, Chicken Tandoori, and Lassi. 
Experience this from the comfort of a decent eatery that reproduced the Dhaba topic at Papa Pancho’s or Pritam da Dhaba. On the other hand, venture out of the city and visit a genuine one on the Western Express roadway like Dara da Dhaba.

4. Irani Cafes

A quick vanishing type of the most enchanting restaurants Mumbai and Bombay have ever seen, Irani restaurants are more than 100 years of age. What began as a route for settler Iranians to bond over tea transformed into an incredible spot for shoddy eats. Most Irani joints still stuck in time, and you’re certain to discover old clocks sitting at their standard tables. You’ll feel like time halted for you when you sit on those vintage wood and stick seats. Holding your arm on that same glass topped tables that have been staying there for quite a long time. 
By the pace at which the servers work, you will have the motivation to accept they’ve been around nearly as long. Attempt the mark top choice like Bun Maska Chai. A Buttered bread dunked in tremendously sweet Irani tea. Attempt Akuri – zesty fried eggs with newly prepared bread. Another excellent dish to try is the Kheema Pav. A spicy minced meat presented with bread.

5. Parsi Bhonu

Not to be mistaken for the Irani’s, the Parsis are the second clump of foreigners – Persians. There’s a difficulty of a distinction in the Bhonu (food), while the climate and feel at a Parsi eatery are indistinct from that of an Irani Cafe. Affectionately alluded to as Bawas, the Parsis are an uproarious, capricious, and inviting pack. And if the proprietor’s at the money work area, of course, he’s confident to gab away with you. 
The best Parsi dishes to attempt are Dhansak Rice ( a lamb lentil curry), Patra ni Macchi (Banana leaf fish) and Lagan nu Custard (caramel custard). Go with these lip-smacking eats with a container of Duke’s Raspberry Soda (just accessible at Parsi joints and Parsi weddings).
Mumbai’s most loved Parsi eateries are Jimmy Boy and Britannia and Co.

6. Mughlai

Mughlai is the delicious food abandoned by the Mughal domain in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Pakistan. The food is rich, substantial, expand, and seasoned with a variety of flavors. The main dish to test is the Mutton Biryani. A creamy saffron and milk tinged rice cooked over a coal fire in huge pots with exceptional flavors and expensive bits of sheep. The top fixed closed with the mixture as it cooks, protecting the fragrance that you can smell from a mile away. An indication of a decent Biryani is the point at which the meat falls off the bone, the bone is verging on eatable, and the flavors and onion got to the base of the vessel till practically smoldered.

Different top choices incorporate Haleem (A thick lentil soup). A variety of kebabs is an excellent starter to eaten with mint chutney. The desserts, a significant portion of which are southern style, are also overwhelming with sugar syrup, rose water, flavors, drain, and eggs. Attempt a little piece of the heart assault prompting Malpua.

The world famous hub for Mughlai cooking is a pop-up food road. Among Ramazan consistently at Mohammad Ali Road. If you aren’t sufficiently fortunate to be in Mumbai then, plan a feast at Lucky’s, Kareem’s, or Jaffer Bhai’s.

7. Indian Chinese

Chinese food accessible in India is practically unrecognizable to any individual who introduced with actual Chinese food. Mumbai spiced it up and made a broad range of creative combination dishes right in the city. You’re guaranteed to go by the splendidly painted trucks, works on fire, Chinese-looking men who aren’t really from China, throwing together never knew about dishes such as Triple Schezwan, Chinese Bhel, and Chicken Lollipops, to give some examples. Manchurian and Szechuan (Spicy and Red) are the two essential flavors. And everything (from Chicken to Rice to Noodles) comes in those two flavors. I should caution you. It’s a heart assault on a plate, yet inventive and lip-smacking in any case. 
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