Namdapha National Park Diya
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Country India
State/Province Arunachal Pradesh
distance: 7,454 Km
Address Namdapha National Park
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Tourism Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park is situated in the north-eastern condition of India, Arunachal Pradesh. It is the biggest ensured region in India and is the ideal Eastern Himalaya variety point. Perceived as one of the wealthiest zones in biodiversity in India, the national park secures the northernmost swamp evergreen rainforests on the planet at 27°N scope. The region is likewise known for high Dipterocarp woodlands among the most incredible old wild regions of Asia. Namdapha National Park and its adjacent ranges are sided by the Patkai slopes toward the south and southeast and by the Himalaya in the north and lie near the Indo-Myanmar-China tri-intersection.

The Namdapha National Park lives in Changlang locale of the Northeastern condition of Arunachal Pradesh, siding with Myanmar. It is spread over a region of around 1988 km2 with 178 sq km in origin zone and 1810 square kilometers in the center area, the national park is almost situated between the Dapha bum scope of the Mishmi Hills and the Patkai mountain with a wide altitudinal extent between 205 m and 4575 m over the ocean level. The zone stays under both the Palearctic & Indo-Malayan bio-geographic regions bringing about a crowding of different animal categories. With the increase in the height from tropical wet woodlands to Montane backwoods, the situation changes to mild timberlands to Alpine glades and enduring snow. The sanctuary has thick bamboo woods to increase the optional backwoods.

Entry Fess of Namdapha National Park

For Indians: Rs. 10/- Per Person

For Foreigners: Rs. 50/- Per Person

Vehicles: Rs. 100/-

Standard Camera: Rs. 75/-

Best time to visit Namdapha National Park

November to April is the best time to visit Namdapha National Park

How to Reach Namdapha National Park

By  Air: Nearest Air terminal is Mohanbari airplane terminal in Dibrugarh, around 165 Km from the Namdapha National Park. Street very much connects Mohanbari Air terminal to Namdapha National Park. Guwahati air terminal at 610 km is better associated further from Dibrugarh.

By Rail: Nearest railroad station is Tinsukia railway station in Assam, around 142 Km from the Namdapha National Park. Street all around connects Tinsukia railway station to Namdapha National Park.

By Road: Namdapha National Park is all around related to Major Cities and Places by the street system. There is various government and secretly worked vehicles that go to Namdapha National Park at successive intervals.

Where to Stay in Namdapha National Park

While the campgrounds in Namdapha are the best place to stay while going to the National Park, government-run circuit houses and assessment cabins are likewise available. In any case, it is reasonable to book your settlement well ahead of time. A woods rest house, vacationer cottages, traveler hotel, and a residence are available for stay in Deban (26 km from Miao). Gibbon’s Land (tenth mile), Hornbill, Rani Jheel, Haldibari, and Firmbase are the first visitor campgrounds assigned by the Forest Department. Earlier authorization from the woodland division is required and outdoors is sorted out and directed by visit administrators. The Public Works Department (PWD) keeps up the investigation home (IB) at Gandhigram and Vijaynagar.

Where to Eat in Namdapha National Park

A few little restaurants in Miao serve a variety of food, including Tibetan momos and noodles. A few review lodge overseers mastermind sustenance on solicitation. Notwithstanding, it is prudent to convey procurements. Carry food things that can be cook easily.

Attraction in Namdapha National Park

Miao Museum: Maintained by the Namdapha National Park powers, Miao Museum is situated close to the Field Director’s Office. Therefore, One of its rooms is chosen for keeping the creature examples gathered from Namdapha and encompassing zones through the span of a few studies and decades. There are various snake and frog specimens and additionally an expansive number of flying creature skins, chest furs, and skulls.

Miao Mini Zoo (Miao): The Miao Mini zoo is arranged opposite to the gallery close to the Field Director’s Office. A few primates found in Namdapha are the house in the zoo, including stump-tailed macaque, Hoolock Gibbons, Assamese macaques, pig-tailed macaque, and moderate loris. Little carnivores will incorporate Himalayan palm civet and other small vertebrates like porcupines and Panther felines.

Moti Jheel: While walking 10-mile from the timberland division campground, the vacationers can discover Moti Jheel. It is a little standard pool arranged on a level called Gibbon’s Land. The way to Moti Jheel is steep, however, goes through excellent deciduous and semi-evergreen woodlands, with greenery loaded branches and trees secured in plants. The way is a great fledgling watching trail, where one can discover things like the Green Cochoa and Rufous-throated Fulvetta. Gibbons, Malayan goliath squirrels, topped langur, and littler squirrels can be found.

Raja Jheel: Raja Jheel can be come to by a way separating from the primary way in the middle of Hornbill and Firmbase are just before Rani Jheel. Raja Jheel is a timberland marsh that is presently totally congested with vegetation, yet the primary attraction is the natural surroundings and feathered creature life in transit to the swamp. The way to Raja Jheel proceeds to the mountains past the marsh, and can bring on a dangerous and troublesome course on further tracking.

Activities in Namdapha National Park

Activities in Namadapha National Park are Elephant ride, Boat Ride, Trekking, River crossing.

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