Rajgir Diya
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Country India
State/Province Bihar
distance: 6,883 Km
Address Rajgir
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Tourism Rajgir

Rajgir, around 16 km from Nalanda. Rajgir is the collection of temples and religious communities. It is a standout amongst the most famous vacationer spots in India. Being situated in a valley, Rajgir is an amazingly beautiful place. The little slope town is secured with rich green timberland which adds excellence to the spot. Rajgir signifies the home of Royalty. This site has been connected with Lord Buddha & Buddhism. Buddha spent numerous years in Rajgir as well as gave speeches here and converted head Bimbisar at the Griddhakoota slope. The Jivekarmavan religious community was the most loved living arrangement for Buddha. The teachings of Buddha was written down at Rajgir, and it was likewise the venue for the first Buddhist Council. Today Rajgir has come up as a standout amongst the most remarkable journey for the Buddhist. Rajgir additionally has some extremely lovely Hindu & Jain temples which draw in Hindus and Jains likewise to the spot. Not just as a place for love, Rajgir has come up as wellbeing and winter hotel with its warm water lakes. These lakes are said to contain some restorative properties which help in the cure of numerous skin diseases. The additional fascination of Rajgir is the Ropeway, which takes you to the Shanti Stupa, and Monasteries worked by the Japanese Devotees on top of the Ratnagiri slopes

Best time to visit Rajgir

October to March.

How to Reach Rajgir

By Air: The closest airplane terminal is at Gaya, however, Patna Airport, in the state capital.

By Rail: Though Rajgir has a railroad station, Gaya is a more important rail route station, which is around 79 km from Rajgir and interfaces all the significant urban areas of India.

By Street: Excellent motorable road system associates the town to a portion of the major urban communities of Bihar and India. A portion of the significant road separations is Nalanda (16 km), Patna (105 km), and Gaya (38 km).

Where to Stay in Rajgir

Where to stay in Rajgir is not an issue as the district offers a variety of convenience alternatives to the visitors. From 4-star hotels to little low-estimated inns the area has enough common spots to sit tight. Other than these the available choices are Rajgir Residency, Hotel Siddharth, Hotel Anand, Sharda Hotel, Anand Marwari Wasa Hotel, Hill Queen Hotel, Tripti Hotel, and Kolkata Buddhist Society Rest House.

Where to Eat in Rajgir

Eating out choices in Rajgir ranges from Indian treats to Korean, Thai, Japanese sushi, and different Chinese dishes. Rajgir Residency is a decent eatery in Rajgir to attempt different cooking styles. The eatery fulfills all tastes serving Korean, Indian luxuries, Thai dishes, Japanese sushi, and different Chinese dishes. The restaurant is great as well.

Attraction in Rajgir

Bimbisar Prison:  The security manager picked this site for his custody, for, from this spot he could see Lord Buddha moving up to his mountain retreat on the Griddhakuta slope. There is a reasonable perspective of the Japanese Pagoda.

Jain Temple: On slope hills around Rajgir, far in the separations one can see around 25 Jain Temples. They are hard to reach for the beginner, however, make exciting trekking for those in structure.

Hot Springs: At the bottom of Vaibhava Hill, a staircase covers the way to the different temples. Separate showering places have been sorted out for men and ladies, and the water comes through spouts from Saptdhara, the seven rivers, accepted to discover their source behind the “Saptarni Caves,” up on the slopes. The most smoking of the springs is the Brahmakund with a temperature of around 44 degrees Celcius.

Pippala cavern: Above the hot springs on the Vaibhava Hill, is a rectangular stone cut by the forces of nature which seems to have been utilized as a watch tower. Since it later turned into the resort of faithful lovers, it is likewise called Pippala Cave and also known as “Jarasandh ki Baithak” after the name of the King Jarasandh, a fellow of Lord Krishna portrayed in the epic Mahabharata.

Swarn Bhandar: It is to be said that it was a store of Gold of King Jarashandh. A new story about the hole is that there is a large measure of gold in this cave, and a script is composed of stone is the code to open the entryway of this Swarn Bhandar.

Ajatshatru Fort: Built by Ajatshatru (60 century B.C.), the Lord of Magadha among the Buddha’s opportunity. The 6.8 sq m Ajatshatru’s Fort is likewise accepted to have been worked by him.

Shanti Stupa: The Vishwa Shanti Stupa is situated at a height of approx 450 m. The stupa is made up of natural marble and on the four corners of the stupa are four shining statues of Buddha. To achieve the highest point of this slope, one needs to get through the “Ropeways”.

Venu Vana: Site of the religious community Venuvana Vihar worked by King Bimbisara for Lord Buddha to live. It was the king’s first offering to Lord Buddha.

Activities in Rajgir

Activities in Rajgir include rafting, spelunking, drifting, and trekking. The real visitor destination for water sports lovers is the Kakolat Falls and is regularly gone by both local people and visitors alike. Local people affection to visit the range among weekends. The rapids downstream of the falls are the place you will get the opportunity to fulfill your excitement through rafting.

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