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Country India
State/Province Maharashtra
distance: 6,786 Km
Address Tarkarli
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Scuba Diving and snorkel diving in Tarkarli

Snorkeling is that the follow of swimming at the surface of a body of water whereas equipped with a diving mask, a formed tube known as a snorkel, and frequently swimfins. Combining these tools permits the snorkeler to look at underwater attractions for extended periods of your time with comparatively very little effort. the first attraction of snorkel diving is that the chance to look at underwater life in an exceedingly natural setting. this could embrace coral reefs and their denizens, like fish, cephalopods, starfish, ocean urchins and mollusks. snorkel diving in sandy areas could permit observance of rays and numerous flatfish. different organisms that may be seen whereas snorkel diving embrace numerous kinds of alga, jellyfish, shrimp, ocean turtles, and infrequently anything which can be found within the ocean. several of the organisms found in reef locations square measure vibrantly coloured and really bumper, creating for associate absorbing expertise.

Scuba diving is nothing however swimming underwater whereas victimization self-contained respiratory instrumentation. By carrying a supply of compressed gas, the underwater diver is in a position to remain underwater longer than with the easy breath-holding techniques and isn’t hindered by air-lines to an overseas air supply. The underwater diver generally swims underwater by victimization fins hooked up to the feet.

You will get an ideal chance to do skin-dive or snorkelling in Tarkarli.  The waters square measure heat, clear & packed with varied marine-life guaranteeing a number of the simplest skin-dive and snorkelling holidays anyplace in Indian landmass. Southern region of Sindhudurg fort is that the primary location of snorkel diving website in geographic region.  This makes paradise a possible diving destination of Asian country.

Researcher marine scientist Dr. Sarang Kulkarni believes that this exotic marine lifetime of coral coast region could be a treasure treasure. within the starting of his exploration, He was shocked to examine sudden richness of diversity in close waters of Sindhudurg Fort and Chivala Beach. Dr. Sarang has trained the native individuals to explore the underwater beauties in order that they will act with their profession of ventilator different and snorkel diving guides. MTDC has additionally planned a ventilator center at Tarkarli, when complition centre to supply introductory and advance courses for the tourists.

The minimum age is ten yrs, therefore bring your youngsters on too and allow them to expertise diving furthermore. Explore the sargasso forest, corals, large diversity and bumper vibrant fish among underwater rocks cape! This Program includes slightly basic theory, some exercises in shallow water associated one not-so-deep dive with an old educator.

Best time to visit Tarkarli :

Summer Season : October to March

Winter Season : November to February

Monsoon Season : July to september

How to reach Tarkarli  :

By Air : Tarkarli is found on the Konkan coast, half dozen kilometre south of Malvan. the closest landing field is Goa’s Dabolim, 81 km away. Taxis and buses square measure simply obtainable from here to induce you to Tarkarli. or else you’ll additionally land at the Kolhapur landing field, 113 kilometre away.

By Rail : Kudal, forty five kilometre away is that the nearest depot. it’s settled on the Konkan line and has regular trains from Mumbai, Pune and state. The Konkan categorical and Mandovi categorical serve Tarkarli. you’ll take either a taxi or a bus from here to induce to the city.

By Bus : There aren’t any direct buses to Tarkarli however Malvan, half dozen kilometre away is well connected by road to close cities. From here there square measure taxis obtainable to induce you to Tarkarli. The city is well connected by road and you’ll drive there from Mumbai, Pune and different close places.

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