Shiv Chaturdashi in Amarkantak kavita khatri
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Country India
State/Province Madhya Pradesh
distance: 6,814 Km
Address Shiv Chaturdashi in Amarkantak
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Shiv Chaturdashi

Shiv Chaturdashi celebrates as a fantastic festival. As Amarkantak called Teerth Raj, sadhus from all parts of India assemble to join in the festival. It is a Hindu Holy day which seen on the fourteenth Lunar day of the moon fortnight. The day consecrated to the Lord Vishnu & Shiva. They adored independently or together in different temples.

This celebration celebrates with a lot of joy as Amarkantak see holy people from everywhere throughout the nation between the month of February or March. Therefore, It is an enjoyment to visit this spot among that time.

On the arrival of Shiv Chaturdashi, Lord Shiva worshiped with his entire family. The love starts with an Abhishek of Lord Shiva. Water, honey, curd, milk, immaculate ghee, jaggery, sugar, Ganges water & sugar stick juice should use as a part of this abhishek. When abhishek is done, Lord Shiva loved with Sami leaves, Bel leaves, Kusha & Doob. At last, Bhang, Datura, & Sri fal used as a part of a request to impress Lord Shiva. A fast should continue the day of Chaturdashi. In the night, one should clean up & worship Lord Shiva. Therefore, Rudra abhishek is valuable for lovers.

How to Reach Amarkantak

By Air: Jabalpur & Raipur are the closest air terminals for achieving Amarkantak. Therefore, Jabalpur is around 255 km from Amarkantak & can come by street & train from Amarkantak.

By Train: Indian railroads system all around associates with Madhya Pradesh State. Especially significant urban areas & vacationer destinations connect directly to Madhya Pradesh.

By Road: Standard transport administration very much associates Amarkantak. With Bilaspur, Shahdol, Jabalpur, Umaria, Rewa, Anuppur & Pendra Road.

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