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Country India
State/Province Madhya Pradesh
distance: 6,354 Km
Address Sightseeing in Ujjain
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Sightseeing in Ujjain

Ujjain is a standout amongst the most holy urban communities for the Hindus. Situated along the banks of River Shipra, Ujjain speaks to a consistent mix of antiquated history combined with innovation. According to the old sacred texts Ujjain was additionally called Avanti or Ujjayini and one can see the city light up with its rich history and custom even today. Ujjain has a great deal of good touring choices for the voyagers and they are an absolute necessity visit while arranging your go to Madhya Pradesh.

Mahakaleshwar  : Mahakaleshwar or the Mahakal holy place is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. The place of worship is a famous and regarded sanctuary which is devoted to Lord Shiva. The sanctuary houses a Shivling which is accepted to be the sole Jyotirling which looks towards the south. Thusly, it is additionally brought in the name Dakshinmukhi or the south looking ling. The Mahakaleswhar sanctuary is the most celebrated and noteworthy sanctum of the city and an unquestionable requirement see place when you go to Ujjain.

Radha Madan Mohan Temple : Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple has been set up by the ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). The hallowed place is viewed as a point of reference of the Hare Krishna Campaign. The mandir is home to a guesthouse and eating put, and is a top draw for voyagers.

Kal Bhairava  : By Saivite society, the worship of the eight Bhairavas is a fundamental component of the Hindu traditions. The principle among these Bhairavas is the Kal Bhairava, thought to be developed by the ruler Bhadresen, close to the riverbanks of Shipra. This place of worship has been refered to in the Avanti Khanda of Skanda Purana.

Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir  : Bade Ganeshji Ka Mandir is situated over the supply near the Mahakaleshwar Mandir. The spot of love houses a huge and stylish statue of Lord Ganesha, who is Lord Shiva’s child. A statue of this measurement and loveliness is rare to be seen.

Pir Matsyendranath  : This spot is a top visitor attract Ujjain. Lying on the riverbanks of Shipra, the spot is given to celebrate one of the holy people of the Natha group of the Saivites – Matsyendranath. The Gadkalika mandir and the Bhartrihari holes are simply close by.

Bhartrihari Caves : The Bhartrihari caverns lie over the riverbanks of Shipra close to the Gadkalika mandir. As refered to in mythology, this is the zone where Bhartrihari, expected as the relative of Vikramaditya, stayed and occupied with otherworldly thought once he surrendered his material life.

Bhartrihari is viewed as a famous scholarly and poet. The understood scholarly manifestations incorporate Vairagyashatak, Shringarshatak, and Nitishatak. Every one of them had the great use of the Sanskrit dialect.

Chintaman Ganesh : The Chintaman Ganesh altar is the biggest noteworthy spot of love devoted to Lord Ganesha and is among famous visitor places in Ujjain.

Vedha Shala : Vedha Shala, otherwise called the Observatory, was a historic point development by Raja Jai Singh the second, a ruler of the Rajput family in the eighteenth century. It positions among five such perception towers in the nation and contains exceptionally old cosmic apparatuses.

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Museum : The popular exhibition hall is arranged near Chamunda tower, and houses various memorable articles and tokens. As set around Hindu mythologies, it is additionally the region where Lord Krishna was taught with Sudama and Balarama under the direction of Maharshi Sandipani. The Sandipani Ashram is a demonstration of this legend.

Best time to visit Ujjain :

October to March

How to reach Ujjain :

By Air : Explorers why should arranging achieve the city by means of air, the closest airplane terminal to Ujjain is Indore. There are number of day by day flights from Indore to Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Bhopal and Ahmadabad.

By Railroads : Ujjain is very much connected with various urban communities through railroads. Trains offer high-class offices to its travelers and you can likewise book your ticket on the web.

By Street : In the event that you are dropping by street then select the transport to achieve Ujjain. There are various transports which handle their immediate administrations at moderate cost. In the wake of achieving transport stand, you can employ taxis which are likewise accessible from Ujjain. It has a decent availability with urban areas such as Gwalior (464 km), Jaipur (482 km), Ajmer (471 km), Nagpur (543 km) and Indore (77 km).

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