Sumda chun in Ladakh Ashima
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distance: 5,725 Km
Address Sumda chun in Ladakh
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Sumda chun

Sumda chun cloister is situated in Sumda town, which is 65 km toward the southwest of Leh. Sumda chun Gompa is associated by a motorable street, up to Sumdo. From the Sumda Do, the track to the eleventh century sanctuary is upwardly climbing and diving through a George along a stream. It begins rising toward the west, through a chasm from the left bank of the stream. At a certain point of perspective, the track crosses to the right bank and climbing gets to be troublesome.

It is a tiring walk however it is made intriguing by the nature and magnificence around as well as by the myths and legends connected with this spot. At a certain point another track crosses the stream before getting to the town and the place of worship further up. Chiefly One or two houses comes in the route before another ravine come into perspective on the right which prompt the Sumda chun Ladakh and towards the left side lead to Sumda Chenmo. This track comes the stream with estates of Willow. In the wake of strolling for 60 minutes the religious community shows up over the town houses.

One simple easy route from Alchi town through Stakspila, the climb from Alchi which is more troublesome and long contrast with Sumda side as the course having a pass called Stakspi-la on it.It is over a hour long stroll through a slender valley interspread with trees, brambles; a couple houses.One needs to cross the stream to achieve the place of worship roosted on the slope simply over the town Sumda chun Ladakh.

The Sumda chun Gompa was established by a Tibetan Buddhist Translator of tenth to11th century Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo. It is said that three sanctuaries were made including Sumda, Alchi Choskor and Mangyu Monastery at the same time. The important picture of Dhayani Buddhas. The excellence and magnificence of this picture surpasses those of comparative pictures at Alchi and Magyu gonpas. The wall paintings involve the pictures of five Dhyani Buddhas including Ratnasambhava, Amitaba, Askhobhya and Varocana.

How to Reach Sumda chun in Ladakh :

By Air – Flight from Leh air terminal fly to real destinations both inside and outside the condition of Jammu and Kashmir. Plane Airways and Alliance Airways work a day by day flight to and from Delhi. Partnership Airs likewise associate Leh to Chandigarh once every week, to Srinagar twice per week and Jammu four times each week.

By Road – Leh can be come to from Delhi, either by means of Srinagar-Zojila pass or by means of Manali-Rohtang pass. The courses are open just amid particular months (June to October) because of climate conditions. From Leh, three transports leave for Tak Thok day by day, the first at 10.30 am, and the last at 4.00.

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