Tiger Hill Riyasaini
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Country India
State/Province Maharashtra
distance: 6,594 Km
Address Tiger Hill
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Tiger Hill

While we generally discuss the clearing perspectives of dawn from Tiger Hill and the perspective of the titanic Kanchenjunga with numerous other snow clad eastern Himalayan tops from here, however we barely discuss the summit of Tiger Hill itself. Genuine that the blast of quickly changing shades of the snow crests as the sun strikes is a marvelous perspective, yet Tiger Hill is awesome even something else. It’s a destination without anyone else offering not simply awesome perspectives amid dawn, it’s a spot where you can drench yourself with Himalayan tranquility whenever amid the day.

While I have been to Tiger Hill ordinarily to encounter the dawn, I have likewise been there a few times amid the day and appreciated as much. Tiger Hill is found 11km (6.8 miles) from Darjeeling town or more Ghoom. It’s the most astounding point in Darjeeling slopes at an elevation of 8482 feet (or 2590 meters). The best season to see the amazing snow secured tops as the sun rises is between Mid October to December. Walk to April is likewise a decent time.

Open Hours Tiger Hill

Every day, from right on time morning small hours until nightfall.
Note that in spite of the fact that latrine offices are accessible at the survey tower, the powers have done little to keep up them and keep them clean. This is in spite of the way that numerous would need to utilize a can at a young hour in the morning. In a few events I found the toilets so messy and unclean that they were for all intents and purposes unusable.

Best visit

While summer months from April to June are the perfect time to go to Darjeeling, a few voyagers including couples additionally want to visit the delightful town amid winter months from October to December. Nonetheless, it is extraordinary to take a gander at the month to month separation of Darjeeling’s climatic conditions with the goal that you can arrange for when to go:

How to Reach Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is 11km (6.8 miles) far from Darjeeling Town or more Ghoom region. After the Ghoom station, you should take the tight tough Senchal street on the privilege. It takes around 40 minutes from Darjeeling town to reach to the summit via auto. You can either book your own auto or take a common jeep that leaves from the Club Side Taxi stand at the base of Nehru Road and underneath the Mall. There are shared jeeps and taxis departing from Chowk Bazaar region also.

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