Padum Riyasaini
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distance: 5,636 Km
Address Padum
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Trekking in Padum

Trekking in Zanskar and Ladakh are uncommonly strong, rapture, and amazing. In trekking, trekkers walk three to seven hours as pre their Itinerary level. The trekking may be straightforward, medium and hard as per the annihilation, passes, and altitude. In the trekking you can moreover visit neighborhood family, Amchi (adjacent Doctor), Cultural and traditional move, passing by Monasteries et cetera. Here we give extraordinary organizations to our respected clients.

We give English talking guide, Professional Cook, Helpers, Horses and horseman, Client tent of good quality (1 or 2 man tent), Dining tent, kitchen tent, All Kitchen Equipments, Toilet Tent. As indicated by the supper is the concern we give you bed tea in the tent early morning, After that we serve you washing water hot od cool as per your excitement, next we serve you an impeccable Breakfast.

By then we start the trek with the helper. The accomplices will come after with the hot lunch. In the midway, they serve you the hot lunch. When you reach to the camp there will be set up for tea and some eatable things. Amidst 6:30 to 7:00 Pm they serve you a hygienic Dinner.There will be fire camp in the night.

Before you go to Bed you can moreover get boiled water for your water bottle.

Markha Valley Trek

This trek is one the most surely understood treks. The trail starts from town and heads towards the Markha town through presumably the most pleasant locales in Ladakh. A piece of the Hemis High Altitude National Park [4400 Sq.Kms] falls within this course and you are subject to spot Bharal or Blue Sheep and splendid birdlife and emphatically the hyperactive marmots. Two overlooks 4800m/15,750ft are crossed other than a couple stream and conduits forded as the trail offers you fantastic points of view of valleys and transcending snow-clad mountain peaks.

Corner to corner Zanskar

Interest places: Leh, Alchi, Lamayuru, Kanji, Kanjila, Pidzongla, Kipling, Lingshed, finished Monastery, Mourgumla, Yulchung, Nerak, labarla, Namtsela, Zangla, Zangla Nunnery, Staonde, Stongde group, Stongdela, Doksa, River crossing, Shade, Phuktal, Nyalokongtse pass, Gotungtse pass, Shun, Satak, Tsokmetsek, Tsokar, Taklanglapass.

Beat Season Trekking in Padum

July and November.

How  to Reach Padum

A vehicle organization is in like manner continue running by the SRTC of Jammu and Kashmir. It works three times in seven days. Additionally, you can in like manner board A class or super fantastic transports that will take you to Zanskar’s better places like Zangla and Strongdey.Nearby transport as cabs, jeeps can be benefitted at Kargil.

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