Trekking at Matanga Hill in Hampi Ashima
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Country India
State/Province Karnataka
distance: 7,051 Km
Address Trekking at Matanga Hill in Hampi
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Trekking at Matanga Hill

In December, had an opportunity to trek to Matanga Hill in Hampi, which was before the grand capital of the powerful Vijayanagara Empire. The trek to the highest point of the slope was genuinely compensating as it give an amazing perspective of the Hampi scene. The stream of Tungabhadra in the bumpy territory, the rough rocks and the demolished city of Vijayanagara among the rich green ranch is really moving.

The trek to the highest point of the slope is bit testing as there is no reasonable pathway or sign sheets, guiding us to alternate, however we could make it to the top in 60 minutes. In the wake of getting a charge out of the amazing perspective of Hampi, to visit the Kodandarama Temple and Yantrodharaka Anjaneya Temple, where one can see Hanuman in a thoughtful or petition to God position. Both the sanctuary are so near the Tungabhadra that amid crest rainstorm season, local people say, the stream water rises and here and there compasses up to the sanctuary patio.

The north part of the slope for all intents and purposes closes at the south bank of the Tungabadhra River where the Kodanda Rama Temple is found. The eastern edge imparts its fringe to the Achyuta Raya’s Temple. The south is for the most part a flooded valley where the crisscrossing Turthu Canal and a truck track found.

The crest is situated at the southern part of the Matanga slope. Some place in the low-lying northern segment, a trekking trail associates the Hampi Bazaar with the Achyuta Raya’s Temple over the slope.

There are several ways prompting the highest point where the Veerabhadra Temple is found. The most prevalent is a ventured slope at the west; and the other, a repetitive however exciting treker’s trail found somewhat north of the ventured way. The strides are sensibly in place and they are as old as the Vijayanagara kingdom. There are numerous trails at the foothill that leads you the base of the ventured way.

Trek Cost :

Rupees 10 for every individual for restricted watercraft ride to cross Tungabhadra (Anegundi – Hampi)

Rupees 10 for every individual to visit Vittala Temple

Rupees 10 for every delicate coconut

Rupees 150 for every individual for Parisal ride in Tungabhadra

Trek Duration :  6 hours.

How to reach  Hampi :

By Air : The least demanding approach to achieve Hampi via air is to take a flight to the closest air terminal at Bellary, arranged at a separation of around 974 km. The air terminals at Belgaum (190 km) and Bangalore (353 km) are different alternatives to achieve Hampi via air. There are different methods of transport to achieve Hampi from these spots.

By Rail : To achieve Hampi by rail the closest station is situated at Hospet. Hampi can be effortlessly come to from Hospet successive transports that employ between the two towns. There are other nearby method for transport to achieve Hampi from Hospet.

By Road : Hampi is associated with a few towns and urban communities by the street system. There are a few transports that associate Hampi to the adjacent spots. Private autos and vehicles can be employed from Bangalore or Mysore to achieve Hampi.

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