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Country India
State/Province Karnataka
distance: 7,331 Km
Address Vara Maha Lakshmi Festival in Bengaluru
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Vara Maha Lakshmi Festival in Bengaluru

Every power considered as Lakshmi and each of the eight powers as Ashta Lakshmis. Ruler Vishnu also recognized as the refuge for the Ashta Lakshmis (Eight-Lakshmis or strengths).

History of Varamahalakshmi

It trusted that venerating goddess Vara Maha Lakshmi on this day is comparable to adoring Ashtalakshmis, the eight powers or energies in particular. Shri (Wealth), Bhu (Earth), Preeti (love), Saraswati (learning), Kirti (Fame), Shanti (Peace), Tushti (Pleasure) & Pushti (Strength).

By mythology, once Goddess Parvati got some information about a vratha that will profitable to ladies. Lord Shiva then said the significance of Varalakshmi Vratha. Therefore, The discussion on Varalakshmi Vratha in the middle of Parvati & Shiva happens in the Skanda Purana. To delineate the importance of the Vratha, Lord Shiva portrays the tale of Charumati.

The story happens in an attractive town situated in the Kingdom of Vidarbha (Vidarbha Rajyam). Satisfied with Charumati’s dedication to her spouse and family. Goddess Lakshmi showed up in her fantasy and requesting that she perform the Vara Mahalakshmi Vratha. The devout Charumati welcomed every one of her neighbors, companions, & relatives and performed the Vara Mahalakshmi puja as coordinated by Goddess Lakshmi. Not long after the puja, all the general population who took an interest in the puja favored with riches & thriving. She discusses the accompanying sloka alongside other ladies with most extreme confidence and dedication.
Lakshmi’s signs: Devi Shakti honored in various structures Lakshmi, Saraswathi, Kali, Durga, etc. Among Her different signs, a bejeweled Lakshmi or Mahalakshmi, the consort of Vishnu, seen situated or remaining on a lotus & wearing red, holding a flooding pot of gold coins & grains. Varalakshmi portrayed with two lotuses in two of her hands. The another two sides show `Abhaya’ & `varada mudras’.

Vara Maha Lakshmi Vratham Story

Once in the town of Maratha Desa lived Brahmin wife called Charumati. She enjoyed an entire hearted love of her spouse and took care of her in-laws with most extreme appreciation. Satisfied with her temperament, Goddess Lakshmi showed up in her fantasy and prompted her to perform the Varalakshmi vratam on Sravana Shukla Sukravaram going before the full moon day. Following day, she delineates the fantasy to her family and companions. They perform the puja. Promptly, the ladies see themselves adorned with gold. Their homes too decked with wealth. The women express gratitude toward Charumati for having imparted her fortunes to them. From that point forward, the Vara Lakshmi Vratam is performed in each family unit on this pleasant day.

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